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Indian Sandstone Paving
Reclaimed railway sleepers
Sand and aggregates
Reclaimed products

Railway Maintenance Companies and Private Railways

Serviceable sleepers (plain or chaired to customer requirements).

Farming and Agricultural Companies

Silage clamp walls, gate and fencing posts, making bridges across dykes.

Building and Civil Engineering Companies

Retaining walls, aggregate bays, shuttering, crane mats, stacking steel on, scaffolding plates and making temporary roadways for plant machinery.

Landscaping and Gardening

Steps, walls, gate and fence post, building decorative boarders and planters, kerbing.

Golf Clubs and National Parks

Steps, soil retaining, kerbing; hardwood sleepers can be polished for seating.

Buy Back Service

If sleepers are wanted for a temporary job we offer a buy back service to suit your needs and budget.

Wooden Railway Sleeper - sizes available:

Softwood - Height: 5", Width: 10", Length: 86"
Hardwood - Height: 125mm, Width: 250mm, Length: 2590cm

Crossing Timbers

Softwood - Height: 6", Width: 12", Length: 8ft up to 20ft
Softwood - Height: 150mm, Width: 300mm, Length: 2400cm up to 6000cm
Hardwood - Height: 5", Width: 12", Length: 8ft up to 20ft
Hardwood - Height: 125mm, Width: 300mm, Length: 2400cm up to 6000cm

We can deliver small or large loads nationwide or you can collect. We also welcome wholesalers. Buying or selling railway sleepers, please don't hesitate to contact Wayne Bownes on 01909 73164.



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