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Indian Sandstone paving stones are ideal for your patio and garden as they are hard-wearing, weather well, inexpensive and easy to lay.Sandstone is a very stable product and one of the best suited natural stones for use on patios, paths and driveways.

Sandstone is a porous material and comes in a great deal of colours, from white to red and brown, and is composed essentially of cemented grains of sand. Sandstone has a granular texture and is the second most abundant of all sedimentary rock, shale being the first. In addition to quartz, sandstone may consist of sand sized particles of calcite, gypsum or various iron compounds.

Like sand, sandstone may be any colour, but the most common colours are Raj Green, Ripon Buff, grey and Fossil Mint. Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock that forms from the cementing together of sand sized grains forming a solid rock and is therefore porous so will require impregnation and sealing when used internally or externally.

Sandstone is a natural stone supplied in all thickness, the most popular sizes is between 25mm and 40mm and A calibrated stone has a fixed thickness of 22mm, so is easier to lay. You can also find sandstone with an antique finish where the stone is subtly aged by a tumbling action with pebbles. Sandstone paving slabs are frost resistant and will weather in well and quickly.

In general sandstone is a good all-round choice for your patio.

13 single slabs measuring 900mm x 600mm
13 single slabs measuring 600mm x 600mm
13 ingle slabs measuring 600mm x 300mm
9 single slabs measuring 300mm x 300mm

Total coverage approx 14.85 square metres not including pointing. In addition we supply a Easy Joint compound to make the pointing in between the slabs a perfect partner in paving, We supply In a range of colours Mushroom and Sand Buff.


Ready to use
Simple to apply
Ideal for professional or DIY use
Environmentally friendly
Use it in all weathers
No waste and clean and easy
Operator friendly

We offer an installation service (please call 01909 731647 us for details).



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